Fernway Signature Cone Set (50x 1g)

In a world where everyone’s rushing, take your time. Pack your own, savor the moment, and do it with the best.

The FERNWAY Signature Cone Set comes with 50 premium paper cones, each designed for creating the perfect 1g joint. It’s for those who appreciate the ritual. Featuring:

  • Luxe Ceramic Tip: Say goodbye to soggy ends and hello to smooth, consistent passing and ashing. This is how every sesh should feel—effortless and satisfying.
  • Ashproof Filter: Keep your draws clean and your space tidy. Our filters ensure that particulates and embers stay exactly where they’re supposed to be.
  • Ultra-thin Rice Paper: Experience the pure flavor of your flower. Our rice paper burns evenly and cleanly, putting the spotlight on your cannabis, not on the paper.
  • Freshness Cork: Freshness is non-negotiable. Seal in your flower’s terpene profile and ensure that every joint is as potent & aromatic as can be.

This is for the connoisseur who appreciates the details. Whether you’re prepping for a solo session or gearing up for a social gathering, this set will let you always create something special. It’s for the planner, the host, the enthusiast who believes in the power of a great session to elevate any moment. You’re set for the long haul with the assurance of quality for every single roll.

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