Fernway Signature Cone Set (5x 1g)

Packing your own has never been this good. The FERNWAY Signature Cone Set comes with 5 premium paper cones, each designed for creating the perfect 1g joint. It’s for those who appreciate the ritual. Featuring:

  • Luxe Ceramic Tip: Say goodbye to soggy ends and hello to smooth, consistent passing and ashing. This is how every sesh should feel—effortless and satisfying.
  • Ashproof Filter: Keep your draws clean and your space tidy. Our filters ensure that particulates and embers stay exactly where they’re supposed to be.
  • Ultra-thin Rice Paper: Experience the pure flavor of your flower. Our rice paper burns evenly and cleanly, putting the spotlight on your cannabis, not on the paper.
  • Freshness Cork: Freshness is non-negotiable. Seal in your flower’s terpene profile and ensure that every joint is as potent & aromatic as can be.